The Coalition of Vermont Lakes, Inc
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The mission of The Coalition of Vermont Lakes, Inc., hereafter referred to as TCVL, is to contribute to the protection, restoration and enhancement of all lake and pond resources of 5,000 acres or less, contributing water sources and adjoining shorelines in the State of Vermont. Working with the State of Vermont and various lake and pond associations, TCVL will coordinate education, research and monitoring projects that contribute to our understanding of the freshwater resources in Vermont. From the results of the research and monitoring, TCVL will initiate, coordinate and help to resource education programs for Vermont citizens and lake residents. The ultimate goal of these programs is to contribute to the enhancement of Vermont's lakes and ponds eco-systems. TCVL will undertake this mission through direct work with the various lake and pond associations in the State of Vermont and will undertake to represent commonly shared values and positions to the appropriate representatives of the State of Vermont.

A Seminar on Lake Restoration on June 4th at Castleton University promises to be a great opportunity to learn about new technologies and share experiences and perspectives on the entire subject of lake health. Experts from the northeast US will be presenting with plenty of time to discuss issues and obtain resource materials. Lake association members and the general public are invited to attend. There will be no charge for admission.

Reserve the morning of June 4th. More information with be forthcoming.